Monday, April 19, 2010

A Wild Three Team Game in Memphis

The Monarchs were scheduled to meet the Memphis Red Sox in Memphis on Thursday, April 19th, but had some trouble getting there thanks to a train running late. According to the April 21stChicago Defender, "About 15 minutes after the game was scheduled to start, the Chicago American Giants took the field to 'pinch-hit' for the Monarchs. The Monarchs showed up about 9:45 and took the field in the fifth inning, taking up where the American Giants left off. The Giants were trailing by a 4 to 2 score." The Monarchs managed to come back enough for the game to end in a 10-10 tie after nine innings. It looks to have been a wild, see-saw affair, with the three teams combining for 20 runs, 26 hits and seven errors. The Monarchs scored two in the top of the ninth to tie it at 10, and shut down the Red Sox in the bottom of the inning to preserve the tie. Whether or not Jackie Robinson made it to Memphis for this game after trying out with the Boston Red Sox on the 16th is unknown.

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  1. What a crazy game, I never heard of 3 teams playing a game before.