Sunday, June 13, 2010

"The Greatest Pitching Battle Yet Seen" In Cincinnati

Crosley Field, Cincinnati (source)

After playing games in Kansas City on the 10th and 11th, and then in Belleville, IL on the 12th, the Monarchs and Clowns made their way to Cincinnati's Crosley Field for a night game on Wednesday, June 13th. It turned into a classic pitcher's duel between the Monarchs' Satchel Paige and Booker McDaniels and the Clowns' Angel Garcia. The pitchers combined for a 1-1 draw that was only put to a halt by Cincinnati's midnight curfew law. From the June 23 Chicago Defender:
...Fans witnessed the greatest pitching battle yet seen at the City of Seven Hills, as the Kansas City Monarchs' hurling aces, Satchel Paige and Booker McDaniels, battled to a 13-inning 1-to-1 deadlock against the curves of the Clowns' newest Cuban arrival, Lefty Angel Garcia, before the midnight curfew law stopped activities.
The Clowns scored their only run in the very first inning off Satchel Paige, when Henry Smith singled with one down and Reece "Goose" Tatum tripled to deep centre. Paige then struckout Fred Wilson and Sam Hairston to end the frame, holding the Clowns scoreless for five innings, after which McDaniels took over, and held the Clowns scoreles.
The Monarchs secured their first hit off Garcia in the fifth, when (Lee) Moody singled to center, was nailed at second by Garcia on (John) Scott's attempted sacrifice, the latter scoring when (Walter) Thomas doubled to right center, and the relay to the plate took a bad hop and bounded past Catcher (Buster) Haywood, permitting Scott to score and deadlock the ballgame.
Eight scoreless innings followed as McDaniels and Garcia refused to yield a run before midnight fell.

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