Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monarchs Manage Just One Hit In Loss To Buckeyes

June 15 St. Louis Argus

Thanks to Dwayne Isgrig for finding this game report.

'45 Buckeyes manager/catcher Quincy Trouppe wrote this about the game in his memoir, 20 Years Too Soon:

We played the Kansas City Monarchs in Belleville, Illinois, when they were carrying a shortstop by the name of Jackie Robinson.
Jackie was a real fireball. He loved to win. We won the game in Belleville, and afterward, when both teams were dressing in the locker room, Jackie got into it with my outfielders, Sam Jethroe and Buddy Armour. He really had a sharp tongue, and I wondered who this young cat was to be raising all that sand.
Interesting that Jackie got into it with Jethroe--they had spent some time together in April trying out for the Boston Red Sox.

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